• HEMTT Truck in use at a game

  • Night Vision shot from a game

  • Out Hunting

  • Group of players at a Milsim

  • Stalking thru the woods

What we are about

Tactical Operations was born out of the desire to host high level Milsim airsoft games in the Alberta market. The organizers recognize the shift in the Airsoft community and are striving to bring back true milsim events to Western Canada.

Your actions matter!

Each game, big or small takes effect on the next battle. Objectives won or lost will have an effect on the next game. Capture that supply base? Next game you'll have more ammo.

What is “MilSim”?

MilSim is short for military simulation, and it is exactly what it says it is. Many people have different ideas of what milsim is, and what it is not. To us, milsim, in short, means events that are run with a clear and effective chain of command consisting of players who are looking for, as stated, immersion.

What Makes us Different?

We strive to run immersive, challenging, and exciting games catering to the mature player looking for something more in the Airsoft community and wanting to participate in a game that makes a difference.

About Us

Tactical Operations is run by veterans of the Airsoft community with over a combined playing time of 100+ years. They have planned and attended games ranging from simple skirmishes to elaborate multi day milsims both locally and internationally. Many of the administrators have played every type of game both locally and internationally and bring a unique perspective to Airsoft

Why Play With Us?

Every player is accountable not only to themselves but to their fellow players, and the player beside them. We strive to produce engaging events for the player.

Our Mission Statement

Tactical Operations is dedicated to bringing military simulations to the Alberta market. Our events cater to mature individuals who are interested in a immersive event rather then a large skirmish game. We are seeking players who want to exercise their decision making and teamwork skills to accomplish goals and objectives as part of a larger organization rather then concern themselves with their own kill to death ratio.

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games for the 2015 Season

Operation: Storm Top

Operation: High Level

17 Hour game involving elements of recon, information gathering and stealth tactics. DEA vs Drug lords located in a remote Alberta valley. More information to come

Airsofters Earn Stripes

A Team challenge game involving skill, marksmanship and speed

Current Game Map

Battle for Vega

The Principality of Vega is a small coastal country currently gripped in the turmoil of a civil war following the assassination of the crown prince Victor Von Galecky.
The game map will detail the current and upcoming battles, engage in a moving front game to game.

Rules and Regulations

Here you can find our current handbook detailing the rules and regulations of Tactical Operations events.

Past Games

Here you can find a selection of photos from previous games hosted by Tactical Operations.

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